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Since 1984, Brooks Jeffrey
has won 75+ national
design awards. Let us take
you to the next level.
At Brooks Jeffrey Marketing, Inc., we hold ourselves to a higher standard. We expect more from our team and deliver more to our clients. When you trust your business to BJM, you can count on our:
EXPERIENCE Since 1984, BJM has provided innovative, creative communications solutions for our clients. We’ve worked with businesses from all market segments, organizations, associations, and government offices, gaining insight and knowledge with each project we produce.
STABILITY Our sound business and fiscal practices mean BJM is here for our clients today, tomorrow, and in the future. BJM’s staff is comprised of dedicated, long-term employees.
CROSS-TRAINED STAFF Having a team of professionals allows your project to move forward. Duplicate coverage at every position ensures your project is completed on target, on time, and on budget.
QUALITY Quality is the cornerstone of our business. We take pride in the work and services we provide.
EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS BJM’s marketing and website solutions are proven. We have a long history of successful projects and satisfied clients, many who have been with our firm since 1984. Client references are available.
LOYALTY & DEDICATION We are fiercely loyal to our clients and dedicated to their success. That loyalty also extends to our BJM team, as we are dedicated to each other and the work we produce.
OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICES Helping clients succeed is our ultimate goal at BJM. We’re here to answer questions, offer solutions, and solve problems any time you need us.
PAYMENT OPTIONS BJM works with all types of clients and sizes of budgets. We offer affordable payment options to help our clients reach their goals.
VALUE With BJM, you get outstanding customer service and quality work. You can trust your project will be done right and you’ll get our very best, every time.
BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS NETWORKING Over the years, BJM has built a vast network of contacts. We put that network to use for our clients - connecting businesses who can work together to benefit each other.
REPUTATION FOR EXCELLENCE BJM has built a reputation for excellence in the quality work we produce and our sound business operations. We would be honored by your choice of BJM and look forward to providing you with many years of service. Thank you!
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