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Local Calls Changing to 10-Digit Dialing

Beginning January 19, 2024, you'll need to include the area code (870) when placing a local call to Brooks Jeffrey.
Local clients will now dial (870) 425-8064 to reach us.

The Arkansas Public Service Commission added a new area code (327) to serve the same geographic region currently served by the existing 870 area code. This new overlap in area codes requires a change to dialing procedures for successful completion of local calls. All local calls currently dialed with seven digits will now require the full 10 digits of the phone number to be dialed.

For clients and vendors with Brooks Jeffrey's local seven-digit number (425-8064) pre-programmed in your phone, fax machine, or speed dial setting, we encourage you to update your device soon to include the 870 area code.

Seven-digit calls placed after January 19 will no longer be completed.

For more information on the change to 10-digit local dialing, please visit the Arkansas Public Service Commission.

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