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Sacry Earns Certification in Accessible Document Prep

MOUNTAIN HOME, Arkansas - Byron Sacry, Senior Website and App Trainer for Brooks Jeffrey Marketing, Inc., has completed certification in development of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible forms and website content. Development of accessible website content is fundamental in addressing global accessibility standards and improving the digital experience for those with hearing, sight, or mobility impairments.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) have established global standards for website accessibility. These standards aim to improve the online experience for those with disabilities, ensuring equal access to information. Byron completed a four-part training program earning a certificate of completion regarding the creation of online content which addresses these accessibility standards.

Byron's training focused on principles and techniques for creating accessible Word, PowerPoint, and Adobe PDF files. Byron trained to evaluate, repair, and train others on common accessibility issues, as well as to create accessible documents.

In addition to the Web Document Accessibility Training, Byron also completed training courses from Adobe, Inc., the company which developed the Portable Document Format (PDF). The Adobe training courses included instruction on utilizing Adobe Acrobat Pro to create, tag, and validate accessible PDF documents for use online.

"As a provider of responsive websites for clients across the nation, our team understands the importance of developing and maintaining accessible content. Brooks Jeffrey invests in training programs to ensure our staff is up to date on evolving programming and accessibility content standards. Byron's accessibility certifications allow him to provide an enhanced level of training and service for our clients by assisting them in development of accessible content. In addition to ongoing accessibility training, Brooks Jeffrey utilizes several tools to address ADA and WCAG guidelines including site scans and remediation services to improve website accessibility. While this training is important, perhaps most importantly, one of Brooks Jeffrey's quality assurance team members tests sites on various devices using the latest screen reading technology. Through the combined efforts of our website designers, programmers, content developers, and quality assurance team, we can successfully address WCAG and ADA standards for our clients," explained Shannon Brooks, President and Creative Director, Brooks Jeffrey Marketing, Inc.

Founded in 1984 and headquartered at 971 Coley Drive in Mountain Home, Arkansas, Brooks Jeffrey Marketing, Inc., is a full-service multimedia marketing, app, and website development firm, which also provides certified computer and IT service for clients nationwide. For more information on website accessibility or other services provided by Brooks Jeffrey, contact the firm at 800-506-8064 or online at

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