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Photo Restoration Service

Restore old photographs, negatives, documents and film.
Let us bring life back to your old photographs, documents and film. Whether you're preserving photos, film and documents for personal or professional use, Brooks Jeffrey's skilled, experienced staff will treat your precious originals with care, in-house using the latest technology.

Brooks Jeffrey Marketing, in collaboration with our sister company, Jclare Photography Studios of Mountain Home, can help you bring your old photographs, movies, and documents back to life. We use the latest digital technology to repair and restore damaged or faded negatives, film, and prints. Our work has included:

  • Worn, torn, or crumpled photographs, maps, and certificates
  • Photographs made from old negatives or prints
  • Home movies on reel or VHS, converted to DVD
  • Colorizing old black and white photographs

We have the equipment and skilled staff to keep most of the repair and restoration work in-house. Our team can provide a proof of the product prior to your final prints/DVDs being produced. We can also provide you with a digital copy of your restored images/documents upon request. Please give us a call at 870.425.8064 or toll-free at 800.506.8064 and schedule an appointment to bring your precious photographs, movies, or documents to our office so we can evaluate them and provide a price estimate.

We offer lay-away plans and we accept credit cards as a form of payment.

View our samples:

 Photo Restoration example 1 Photo Restoration example 2 Photo Restoration example 3 Photo Restoration example 4 Photo Restoration example 5 Photo Restoration example 6 Restoration of JRaliegh Portrait Restoration of JRaliegh Umbrella 

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