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Logos & Color Schemes

Our artists will design a unique logo and color scheme that works on any platform and with any business representation.
Your logo sends a message each time it's imprinted. Let us help you make that the right message.

A logo is a graphic signature and primary component of an organization's brand. An effective logo is artistic, features a unique representation of the business or industry and appeals to the company's customer base. Before designing a logo, your design team at Brooks Jeffrey works with you to understand your business, your goals and your customers.

We have decades of logo design and branding strategy experience, and we'll gladly share that with you. Please contact us to review our logo portfolio.

Designing your logo is only a small part of the process. Protecting your brand with Trademark or Servicemark registration is critical; upon your request, we work with Trademark and Patent attorneys to help protect your brand.

Our talented, experienced design team provides:

  • Logo Design for Service Businesses
  • Logo Design for Small Businesses
  • Logo Design for Government Agencies
  • Logo Design for Healthcare Providers and Hospitals 
  • Logo Design for Sheriffs, Police, and other Law Enforcement Offices
  • Logo Design for Nonprofit Associations 
  • Logo Design for Professional Associations

Below are a few examples from the hundreds of logos and branding campaigns we've helped create or enhance. We'd love to share our logo portfolio with you along with industry-specific case studies of brand management and a long list of client references.

Please contact Brooks Jeffrey at 1-870-425-8064 or toll-free at 1-800-506-8064 to review our complete logo and branding portfolio and we'll set up a meeting in person, by video call, or by phone.

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