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Brooks Jeffrey Assists with the D'dragon app!

Brooks Jeffrey is pleased to have assisted Dr. Nancy Armistead in the development of a digiceutical learning app to help young students with dyslexic characteristics. Through game play on the dDragon App, students improve their skills, while teachers track their progress via a web-based portal.

Recently, Dr. Nancy Armistead and Dyslexic Specialist, Jennie Riley, attended the 2019 Arkansas Department of Education Summit held June 18th – 21st at the Hot Springs Convention Center to introduce the dDragon App to Arkansas Educators. They demonstrated the gaming app and the web-based Teacher Portal which integrates with the dDragon App to track students’ progress. 

Our team is delighted to be a part of such a worthwhile, beneficial project. Check out for details!

2019 AR Dept Edu Summit logo Ddragon Learning Game



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